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Metal Sales

ASC metal sets the standard for top-of-the-line quality, delivering unparalleled durability and performance in every product. With a reputation built on excellence, ASC metal is the ultimate choice for your construction needs.


Nor-Clad® metal roofing and siding is a light gauge, exposed fastened 36″ wide panel ideal for residential roofing, light commercial, and agricultural projects. Save time and money by installing fewer panels!

This versatile, long-lasting, and sustainable metal panel offers homeowners and do-it-yourselfers a  variety of colors to choose from with multiple design options. After its useful life, steel is 100% recyclable and is recognized as a sustainable building product.

$3.85 LF

PBR Panel.png

PBR Panel metal roofing and siding is an ideal solution for pre-engineered metal, post-frame, and agricultural buildings. This ASC Building Products panel is recommended for light commercial and industrial projects as well as consumer-based Do-It-Yourself (DIY) applications.

With this long-lasting, durable, and sustainable metal panel, you’ll also find it comes in a variety of colors. PBR Panel also offers a unique yet flexible design when combined with other building materials.

$5.35 LF

Skyline Roofing.png

Skyline Metal Roofing has long been a choice of roofers, contractors and “Do-it-Yourselfers” and is the perfect choice for new residential construction or remodels as well as commercial projects. Skyline Metal Roofing is a 26-gauge standing seam panel with a variety of beautiful colors. It’s installation is easy, and the metal roofing is affordable. This beautiful, durable roofing is perfect for any homeowner looking to get high performance at a low price. With a variety of colors to choose from, Skyline Metal Roofing offers design flexibility as well as provides a safer alternative to other traditional building materials. Unlike other products, after its useful life, steel is 100% recyclable and is recognized as a sustainable building product.

12" $2.40 LF | 16" $3.00 LF



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